Garnishment that you want to stop?
Phone calls from debt collectors to stop?
Want to keep your home?
Want to keep your car but not sure if you can?
Need a Fresh Financial Start?

Bankruptcy provides you an opportunity to reach a fresh financial start and lets you take care of yourself and your family. EASY LEGAL takes great pride in assisting our clients to recover from their financial struggles.

EASY LEGAL provides comprehensive Chapter 7 Bankruptcy services for a flat-rate fee.  Our fee includes complete representation throughout the bankruptcy process, including preparation of all required documentation, full credit report; electronic filing of the Petition, Schedules and all accompanying documentation; and attorney representation at the Meeting of the Creditors as well as responding to any inquiries by creditors and trustees.

Chapter 7Chapter 7 is a declaration that you are unable to pay your debts and would like to liquidate all of your non-exempt assets and make a fresh start.  This section of the Federal Bankruptcy Code allows people who have accumulated an unmanageable amount of debt to wipe the slate clean of all but certain non-dischargeable debts.

           Petition of Bankruptcy:  The Petition is the Debtor’s request to the Bankruptcy Court for debt relief.  The Petition is filed along with a variety of Schedules that contain all of the Debtor’s information regarding income, assets and debts.  The filing of the Petition begins the legal process.

            Automatic Stay:  Upon the filing of the Petition, an automatic stay goes into effect by law.  This means that from the time of filing the Petition until the final decision of the Bankruptcy Court, all collection efforts by creditors, such as telephone calls, letters, garnishments or law suits must stop immediately.

            Meeting of the Creditors:  This meeting is between the Debtor, the Bankruptcy Trustee, who oversees the process, and the listed creditors. This meeting takes place approximately 30 days after filing the Petition.  At this meeting the Trustee will review the Petition and Schedules with the Debtor, in order to verify and clarify the information.  All listed creditors are invited to attend and to ask the Debtor any questions they may have regarding their claim.

            Discharge in Bankruptcy:  This is the order of the Bankruptcy Court eliminating all of the approved debts.  The discharge order is typically issued two months after the Meeting of the Creditors.

            Reaffirmation Agreements:  Reaffirmation Agreements allow the Debtor to keep property such as homes and automobiles, despite the bankruptcy, by agreeing to continue to make the scheduled loan payments.  These agreements can be made for a variety of other forms of personal property.

We know that this is a difficult time for our clients, so our goal is to make the process EASY for you and as stress free as possible. Call our office today (303) 422-1277 to schedule your initial free consultation today or email us your questions as

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