Divorce and Custody

Divorce and Custody is one of the most stressful, emotional and important events in anyone’s life. A divorce process will impact every aspect of your family life, including custody of your children, your income, your retirement, your home, and other personal properties.

Family proceedings, like divorce, custody battle are complicated and many decisions made during a divorce will stand for years and possible forever. It is critical to have an experienced lawyer to help you protect your and your family’s best interests.

1.- Dissolution of Marriage: cases may be categorized as either contested or uncontested matters.

Uncontested:  Both husband and wife agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken and they agree on all of the issues regarding the parenting of their minor children (if any) and the division of all assets and debts.  This is primarily a paperwork process and EASY LEGAL offers flat-rate fees for this service.

Contested:  Husband and wife are unable to agree on one or more significant issues regarding the parenting of their minor children (if any) and/or the division of all assets and debts.  This process involves multiple court appearances and mediation.  EASY LEGAL provides full legal representation with reasonable hourly-rate fees and affordable down-payments.

2.- Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (Custody):  Allocation of Parental Responsibilities includes, Parenting Time, Major Decision-Making Authority and Child Support.

Parenting Time:  A schedule that determines with which parent the children will spend their time.  Parenting time includes, supervised, unsupervised and overnight visitation.

Major Decision-Making Authority:  The primary categories of decision-making are, education, health (including mental and dental), religion and extra-curricular activities.  Any other area of concern may also be addressed.

Child Support: The calculation of child support is written into the statute and is dependent upon a number of factors.  Those factors include: the number of children; the number of parenting time overnights the gross incomes of the parties; and deductions for payments related to daycare and special educational or medical needs for the children.

If there are children involved you have a responsibility as a parent to ensure your children are protected. Protecting your rights means you are knowing your rights.

  1. Division of marital assets & liabilities
  2. Child Support
  3. Spousal Maintenance
  4. Decision-Making for the children
  5. Parenting Time
  6. Modification of Child Support & Parenting Time

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