Document Preparation


Nearly everyone needs to create document preparation, organize, assemble or professionally type up a document at some point in time. And most people know the basics of what they want to accomplish.

EASY LEGAL offers document preparation services to the public in Colorado, saving as much as 50-70% compared to typical legal fees. While you have the legal right to do it yourself, represent yourself and prepare your own documents, do not forget that you don’t have to do all this by yourself: there is an attorney at Easy Legal who is always ready to review your case, answer your questions, and if necessary prepare your document.

Experience and history showed that if your documents are assembled professionally, look organized and are typed up, it makes any paper transaction smoother and more professional. If you choose to represent yourself, then take advantage of our flat fee professional services and present yourself at any time with professionally prepared documents. Your professional presentation is your power.

Our mission at Easy Legal is to make access to the legal system Easy! We make it Easy to obtain high quality, effective, legal assistance, document preparation and representation. Our low cost, flat-fee pricing makes it Easy to afford.