Here at EASY LEGAL, we understand what is personally at stake for you if you or a loved one has been charged with Dui-Dwai, DUID, UDD  or any criminal charge related to drugs or alcohol in Colorado. A potential conviction, jail time, your driver’s license, your job, increased insurance premiums, state required alcohol education and therapy, monitored sobriety, and substantial fines, your family, and your reputation all come into play when you are charged. The consequences of a DUI conviction in Colorado are life changing. A DUI conviction will follow you for the rest of your life.


The police officer alleged that you refused to take a test?
Are you required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle?
Do you have a DMV hearing and don’t know what to say?
Will I lose my license? Your driver’s license is often your key to freedom, and your ability to make a living. Losing this basic privilege can be detrimental to your livelihood.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to call an attorney that can help you fight for your driving privilege.  At Easy Legal we do everything possible to find ways for you to keep your driver’s license or minimize the consequences to your driver’s license from a DUI charge. A first DUI conviction is a permanent mark on your criminal history, and could actually result in jail time. The judge may utilize sentencing alternatives, rather than require that you serve straight jail time. Sentencing alternatives include in-home detention, electronic home monitoring, work release, day reporting, or weekend work programs.

Without an attorney there is no one looking out for your best interest—not the judge, and certainly not the prosecutor.

“DWAI” is an abbreviation for “driving while ability impaired.” It is less serious than a DUI or DUID and can be established with less proof. To be guilty of a DWAI, it must be shown that you drove a vehicle after you have consumed drugs and/or alcohol, which affect your mental or physical abilities to drive safely to “the slightest degree.”  In the situation where only drugs are involved, this is sometimes referred to as a DWAID (driving while ability impaired by drugs).  A first time DWAI offender can face a $500 fine and up to 180 days in jail.

We are here to offer access to the legal system and representation in your case at a rate that is affordable yet providing the highest quality service to defend your case. Call our office if you were charged with DUI or DWAI and let us make this process EASY for you and your family.